The mentoring committee seeks to provide adult role models to children in need. This committee recruits and trains mentors and matches them with students within our community who can benefit from the adult one-on-one support.

The HAYS Mentoring Committee has two primary goals:
1) Improve mentor recruiting, retention and utilization to support each child recommended for mentoring by their schools. 
2) Continuously improve the mentoring program to better serve the needs of everyone involved (mentors, school personnel, students, parents, etc).

The most crucial role of a mentor is to be an adult who has time for a child, who cares about that child, and who believes in that child.  This relationship may provide the only stability a student knows, and the only time anyone spends quality time with him or her.
A mentor can be any of the following:

*  Friend
*  Guide                
*  Encourager                                
*  Coach                            
*  Advocate
*  Self-esteem booster                   
*  Sounding Board 
*  Listener
Being a role model, the true mentor does not ask the student to "be like me.”  A mentor says, "I will help you be who you want to be not necessarily like me".  There is not the expectation that a mentor will take on the role of parent, professional counselor or social worker.  The traits of listening, caring, nurturing and supporting are the most important part of the mentor's role.

For More information please go to HPS Family Resources, Mentoring